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October 31 / / Weekend Shorts
The Life After, courtesy of Oni Press
The Life After, courtesy of Oni Press

If you’re like the Shortboxed staff, we have a lot of free time now that baseball has ended. Perfect. More time for comics. This week, we’ve managed to avoid superhero comics and instead have a trio of sci-fi titles. Sit down, and get ready to enjoy Brian K. Vaughn’s favorite Image title of the year, the broken future of mankind, and The Matrix meets What Dreams May Come this week… on Weekend Shorts.

October 28 / / Indie
October 21 / / Indie
October 14 / / Industry
Cullen Bunn at a signing. Courtesy of
Cullen Bunn at a signing. Courtesy of

Shortboxed was able to snag some time from Eisner Award-nominated, New York Times Bestselling author Cullen Bunn. Bunn has worked on numerous titles of characters you might be familiar with: Magneto, Captain America, Superman, Wolverine, Deadpool, Spider-Man, to name just a few. Bunn also is writing several acclaimed non-superhero projects, notably – The Sixth Gun. We pick Cullen’s brain in this week’s Industry Interview (which is what we’re calling this now).

October 11 / / Reviews
Promo for Earth's Mightiest Heroes from Marvel
Promo for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes from Marvel

Did you make it through our weekly picks already? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Comic book movies are a great introduction to characters that you might not have met or heard of before. I mean, Guardians of the Galaxy, right? Someone says ‘We are Groot’ to you before you see the movie and your reaction might be ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa… we just met, buddy.”

If you want bite-size action and adventure stories replete with your favorite characters, try some of these animated superhero series on Netflix or Amazon Instant.

October 7 / / Industry
October 2 / / Industry
The final panel of Irredeemable from Issue #37 via wikipedia

We scavenged Reddit AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) to find answers to one of our burning questions: “How do comic writers start writing comics?” Below you’ll find four writers who engaged with their fanbase on Reddit and all answered that very question. You’ll also find links to their AMAs, titles they’ve worked on, and links to their websites and Twitter handles.

October 3 / / Industry