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October 1 / / Cons


This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending Long Beach Comic Con for the first time. It’s an annual show in its third year, and draws around 20,000 attendees over two days. The focus of the show is definitely on comics and creators, and less about pop culture in general, which is what I was hoping for.

The vibe at LBCC was very friendly and welcoming, and it drew a diverse mix of comic book fans and geeks. What I liked most about the size of the show is that it felt substantial in the scope of the expo hall and programming, but it never felt crowded and overwhelming, unlike San Diego Comic Con, which draws over 120,000 attendees.

In the rest of this recap I’ll be covering:

  • Expo Hall
  • Artist Alley
  • Programming
  • Cosplay
  • Final Thoughts
September 27 / / Reviews

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Tarantino meets The Bible meets The Sex Pistols meets The Truman Show. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a Saturday Night Live sketch, right? Maybe. But Punk Rock Jesus runs deep with modern day commentary on exploitative entertainment, teenage angst worthy of consideration, religious fanaticism, and “just because we can, should we?” science — all on a Biblical scale.

September 27 / / Reviews
September 27 / / Staff

Shortboxed (1)

Welcome to Shortboxed! So what is Shortboxed, exactly? How does it differ from the millions of other comic-related blogs? Why should you spend your time here?

Good questions.

What does it mean? “Shortboxed” is the verbing, past tense form of the noun short box, a place where one stores comic books. What does it look like? Well, check out the logo!

The premise is simple – if you only had one shortbox, which comic books would you keep in it? We’re here to help you decide which books get “shortboxed.”

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